Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Squabbling? Thank you very patronizedly

President Jordan has forever lost my support with his statements in the last few weeks:
Fernandes was named to succeed I. King Jordan, who in 1988 became the first deaf president of Gallaudet since the school was founded by Congress in 1864. He got the job after student protesters marched to the Capitol demanding a "Deaf President Now" following the appointment of a president who could hear.

Jordan, who backed Fernandes' selection, said the current protest reflects "identity politics" and a refusal to accept change.

"We are squabbling about what it means to be deaf," he said.

Jordan BACKED FERNANDES' SELECTION? I thought he was supposed to be impartial in the selection process? Again he demonstrates that he is a "close friend" of the BoT.

Hello? Deaf University for Deaf people and he thinks talking about what it means to be Deaf is squabbling? It should be one of the most important things in our lives! He demeans Deaf people - and makes claims that Deafhood is really Deaf Elitism. We want someone who understands Deafhood as President, yes - we don't want some Deaf social snob. Let's face facts - he's trying to erase all these other problems Fernandes has created. We need to have someone sending out press releases from our side on a daily basis. King talks to the media. We need to talk to media too - and send out information about all the corruption.


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