Tuesday, May 23, 2006

it strikes me!

The only reason people would continue to ignore evidence of how many people are concerned about what's happened at Gallaudet, and how important an issue it is - is because the vast majority of people who have not met a Deaf or deaf person, often think they can't think for themselves.

I've told many the story told me by my friend Butterfly, a medical student at a large, impressive medical school and graduate of Harvard. In one of her classes a student had actually stood up and asked the teacher if deaf people could think. His theory was because we can't hear and therefore can't hear voices in our heads, we can't think.

I wonder if he had glasses. Everybody knows people who can't see sign language can't see fingers in their heads: how can they think?

Anyway, here's the evidence I'm talking about - hat tip to Ridor.

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