Wednesday, May 10, 2006

quick updates

Very busy in the office today, but now I have three independent sources confirming that there were indeed no protestors or menacing people at the Fernandes home.

Elisa reports that there will be NO MORE OPEN FORUMS with Jane Fernandes. I guess she really doesn't have an interest in talking WITH students, only TO them (remember poor Ben having to GET OFF THE STAGE before the Queen of Mean would answer his question?) Or maybe she just has things to attend to with graduation coming up.

A friend in DC reports that now without Celia May Baldwin the BOT does not have enough members to make any decisions? Can someone explain this? Is the only way to stop Fernandes now, for her to resign?

Ridor also reports that members of the University administration are scared to take part in the protest. I have friends down there who also are afraid, so I know it's true. This is an example of Jane Fernandes leadership. She terrorizes her staff instead of being productive and refuses to encourage open dialogue. Maybe that worked at K-Mart, but I'm not sure it's a University-type leadership quality.


Kevin said...

Joe, check this out:

Anonymous said...

Hmm, Very good! Perhaps Fernandes is thinking that it is her JOB to talk TO the students, not with them. But it looks like she may be open to talking with them. Maybe I am wrong... It seems to me that she is trying to get some kind of a message across to you all but she is having a hard time communicating that message to you all.

Not neccessarily a GREAT leader she is, but the BOT chosen her to do a job, even if she is unpopular and tasteless. Maybe you guys need to ask her WHY she talks to you all, instead of with you? Ask her why you all feel fearful of her? If I remember correctly from her video interview, She said clearly that she is all for the protest and she won't do anything about it unless the Faculty goes out of their workstation to protest and that the students ignore their work for it. She will answer the questions... because she knows she has to. Perhaps that will start a new dialogue with her and she might fix her past mistakes.

As for the BOT, they will find someone good enough to take CM's place, however irreplacable she is. Give them time because they are overwhelmed with you guys amongst their own stuff! lol. It seems like they are sticking it out for JKF for some reasons... So you guys have to figure it out on your own. Besides, this situation going to take a long time (weeks, months, years!) to resolve and of course, the world is watching this.

By the way, I do have a bit of the French in my blood. Heh! Watch and think, Joseph R! ;-)