Saturday, May 06, 2006

so here's my theory

There are two races of Deaf people. One of them come from the planet Earth. The other crashlanded in Virginia and various other states. The first race is calm, laid-back, and interested in quiet work and a steady life. The second has a blind, drooling lust for gossip and power.

Ridor was raised by two loving Earth parents and taught good values. But he knows the destructive powers which rest inside him. So when he saw his evil counterpart from Crypton rising to power within Gallaudet, he knew he had to do something.

He tried blue Spandex, but he wasn't ready yet. He took it off.

Finally he decided to leave the French Beret at home.

When his clothing was assembled, he went to join the Avengers: Elisa, Ryan, Chris, Allison, and all the other HEROES speaking truth to power.

(I wrote this to make fun of Ridor, who was pissed off I didn't call him one of the best bloggers. Well of course I meant best NEW bloggers when I mentioned Chris and Allison, but yes, my widdle Widor is a WONDERFUL blogger.)

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