Wednesday, May 17, 2006

the diverse eyes

From the Daily Review Online, an article giving some sense of the beauty and development of Deafhood in various foreign students studying at Ohlone college:
Sung was 14 the last time she used her voice. After she yelled in distress during an emergency, a teacher at the deaf resident school she attended told Sung that she sounded like a wolf — a comparison that shamed the young girl.

"I turned off my voice and haven't used it since," she said.

Isidore had been deaf for seven years before he got over his embarrassment at using sign language in front of hearing people. He said that when people showed curiosity and wanted to learn more, it gave him the confidence to accept signing and not feel like "a freak."

Being deaf, however, saved Isidore's life during the genocide in Burundi that was sparked in 1993 with the assassination of the first democratically elected president. Soldiers and rebels embroiled in a brutal display of ethnic bloodshed spared people who could declare their deafness, he said. And the deaf students at his school refused to be divided by ethnicity, unlike hearing people, he added.

"We were able to cooperate differently than the hearing people who were divided," he wrote.

Her voice sounds like a wolf's? Let us all sound like wolves. The totem of Deaf people should be the wolf with diverse eyes:

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