Tuesday, May 09, 2006

leaving work... what happened today?

A gorgeous video showing support for Gallaudet.

Ridor reports the support of the Phoenix Association of the Deaf.

This is disgusting: Here and Now is doing PODCASTS on the situation and obviously we can't access it. Read what they are saying here:
Should the deaf... speak? It's a question that has been fiercely debated for the past week at Gallaudet University in Washington, DC, the nation's only liberal arts college for the deaf. Last week, the board of trustees appointed Provost Jane Fernandes as president, over the objections of student protestors.

And last night, Fernandes received a vote of no-confidence from faculty. Her leadership abilities have also been questioned, but some are also upset that while Fernandes has been deaf since birth, she reads lips and speaks, and only later in life began to use sign language. The controversy has once again focused attention on what the outgoing president of Gallaudet calls identity politic in the American deaf community.

Lady Bright! The FACULTY issued a vote of NO-CONFIDENCE but they focus on Jordan's words! Yes, you can blame I King Jordan's smooth-talking for the "She's Not Deaf Enough" concept. Apparently he's been going around telling people this, and getting them to ignore the very real concerns of the protestors in favor of silly ideas.

Worse, he's doing it in support of another candidate when by his own admission Jordan is supposed to be neutral.

And now for something not-Gallaudet: Deaf Students in Utah have filed a lawsuit against Utah State University:
The lawsuit, filed Monday by a group of 12 deaf current and former USU students in U.S. District Court, seeks a declaration that the school violated the Americans with Disabilities Act, which states no disabled person shall "be excluded from participation in or be denied the benefits of the services, programs or activities of a public entity." The students also are seeking new policies for the accommodation of deaf students and unspecified monetary damages.

Wonder if these students concerns will be dismissed like the Gallaudet Protestors have been by the administration!

And a final note: for tears, read this. Is anyone going to help this poor deaf kid? I do think the parents may be "using" his deafness as an excuse to stay here in America, but it's also true they persecute Deaf children in other countries.

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