Friday, January 21, 2005

this is a good pickup line

"I can't believe youve never met a Deaf person before. Maybe there's something you... wanted to know? Something I could... do for you? Something to help you understand about... us?"

Any other good Deaf pickup lines? And yes, I've heard "Hey, baby, can I charge your hearing aid battery?" before.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

where goes the money round and round


had a really cool talk today with one of my vendors. i handle purchasing at the office i work in, and today i invited this guy, Dennis, who's pretty genuinely a nice guy, to visit. We talked for a while and after a bit of small talk i brought up the increased prices for supplies and stuff in the latest catalogue.

"yeah, it's because of oil," he said. i asked him to explain, but i knew part of the answer already. you see, oil is an ingredient in a myriad of products from televisions to ttys to the plastic wrap on your sandwich. when oil prices go up, the government pays subsidies to keep the cost down on gas pumps. but it hasn't yet done so for other businesses - possibly because it cannot do so.

bush is directly to blame for our latest cost increase... think about that. hidden taxes going into your business... by the back door: it's an increase on the things your office needs to function.

now i believe we should probably reduce our usage of this stuff ANYWAY... but the ends really don't justify the means in this forinstance. The government's basically saying "We can make war and use your money to hide the negative effects of our choice..." i guess. it's weird. but the more important point is they are using our money to buy our good faith, and we're the only ones left out of pocket.

what do you think?

Sunday, January 16, 2005

gay careers!

I know we're all worried about the world under the Bush admin, but let's look on the bright side. The last year, it's been great. Great for gay people. Before, when you were a gay kid, what did you have to look forward to? A job as a hairdresser? The only famous gay was Divine, for gods sake. Now you can be Alexander the Great. You can take over the fucking world. You can be governor of New Jersey and have illicit affairs with interns just like Clinton. And you can interpret Farsi for an underappreciative US government. Next year we might be in the Gayn-F-L.

Thursday, January 06, 2005


why do aliens on science fiction programs always speak perfect English and can be lipread with clarity (unless mucus, etc gets in the way.) I mean for accuracy they'd be babbling and grunting and there would be subtitles or at least a voiceover, wouldn't there?

electricity sucks doesn't it

i mean, they used - still use, some places - electricity on gay people's brains. they send little shocks inside the head and hope it shocks them somehow to normality. it causes people an immense amount of physical pain, not to mention the mental struggles people are forced through as they try to figure out if they are who they are.

then they take away babies from people and put them into surgery and put things that carry electricity into their heads in order to make them, what, less deaf before they can be Deaf, more hearing, whatever. sometimes i think they're just there to remind people of how different they are, so they can spend the rest of their lives trying not to be, with the electricity a threat behind the ears. one day it could break right? i mean you could go back to surgery and they could decide, couldn't they, that you're a bad fake hearing person, and make a little adjustment, and then one day you'd feel the pain arcing through your head, all hot and blue, and maybe you won't be so bad a fake anymore. maybe you'd even be real.

and sometimes people use electricity to talk to another person, connect to them, figure them out. sometimes people use electricity to lie, to make up this whole world, these whole words, and then when they feel like it they take the electricity away, and you don't realize you've become addicted to it. and it hurts, just like addiction does when you're trying to get away from it. it causes a kind of pain that makes you doubt yourself, doubt the world, and even the rain doesn't clean you.

not that rain cleans anything. in new york.

of course if electricity didn't exist they'd use something else. rocks maybe. whatever's handy.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

happy new year!

here's a hello in the hope that Baby 2005 turns out not to be like Baby 2004....