Tuesday, May 02, 2006

breaking: gallaudet faculty anti-fernandes?

update: via zlotte: the faculty have issued a memo calling for Fernandes' immediate resignation and the reinitiation of the search process.

The faculty senate at Gallaudet have joined their voices to those of protesting students. According to one comment on deafdc.com , apparently among teachers and others she has an approval rate of 34%-competing with George Bush for title of Worst President Ever.

Is Fernandes really that bad? We don't know-but the fact that many complaints were ignored tells me something.

Understand-from the first I have not felt students were listened to. They wanted to speak and be heard but were told their concerns were not important. I agree they were badly articulated but their problems with Fernandes are the same as the faculty's-the faculty just uses multisyllable words. The students say "not nice"-they say "patronizing." The students say she doesn't listen to them-the faculty say she fails to include them in the decision-making process. Folks, just because English ain't their first tongue is no reason to ignore the spittle.

I personally worry that since Fernandes has failed to contact or respond to people's concerns in a coherent way, she may not be capable of handling the high pressure of a university job where she must deal with many in a diplomatic way on a daily basis. 34% is pretty low.

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