Thursday, May 04, 2006

sick of it all

funny. basically the sense I'm getting from blogs like is that deaf people are uppity and should go back to their place. lots of comments among those lines, too.... it's pretty disgusting and ignorant. examples of ignorant logic:
  1. the university provides a terrible education, so the students are at fault when they don't succeed (gotta love this logic.)
  2. the board is wise, we must all trust the board (when barely ten years ago the board said deaf people were not ready to survive in the hearingworld, and when it contains 50%+1 (not 51%; obviously gallaudet's math dept sucks too) deaf people, and that one person, Ben Soukup, Deaf, was kept from voting.) (Certain people conveniently forgot this.)
  3. the students just want someone to say hi to. (get over this. a newspaper reported it. it's going to be our big exciting meme now because certain people have decided to take sides instead of be, you know, reporters.)
  4. deaf culture does not contain a commitment to excellence. (gotta love this one. what they mean, of course, after dissecting gallaudet, is that the UNIVERSITY does not maintain a commitment to STUDENT excellence. the administration seems to prefer playing politics to educating. deaf people in general, including myself, enjoy excellence.)

  5. But what do you expect from people who say stuff like

  6. History is full of assholes. What’s one more? (this one's my favorite.)

I'm tired of assholes. Frankly, anyone who can say THAT about this IMPORTANT institution doesn't have enough respect for the institution to be talking about it.

In other news, this woman seems pretty damn tough and deserves a type of edition of her own.

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Mr. Sandman said...

I must admit to a certain amount of curiosity-- why do you think I don't have respect for my alma mater? :) Hard for me to judge from your pithy comment why you think my saying that about Fernandes somehow translates to disrespect for Gallaudet?

[I know this comment/response comes QUITE late, but I've been out of town practically since this all began, and I'm only just catching up today. *whew*!]