Saturday, October 30, 2004

still alive

and that was the worst experience of my life.
seriously. Insert october below.
18th: started feeling real sick. Decide to stay home.
19th: Doc says I have flu. Gives me medicine.
20th: Lips swell like balloons. People ask who punched me. Terrified have weird disease.
21st: Totally unable to breathe. Rushed to emergency room. Have pneumonia, not flu. No lung sounds. Nearly dead, in serious pain on the side of one lung, and since taking wrong medicine making everything worse. Given new medication, told lots of serious things, and sent home. End up pretty much in bed for the next several days. Which is fine because I have no cable or internet in my new apartment anyway. Since I need to get up to vomit/cough/other disgusting things, feeding cat is no problem!
22nd: Lovely friends help me in time of crisis. Jen P. brings me beautiful digital thermometer. Katie R. brings me lamp and does dishes. Can barely see their faces but is nice.
25th: Lips swell up again. This time I can tell it's an allergic reaction, but to what?
26th: More lovely friends. Keri comes and helps me do smelly sick person laundry since cannot walk more than one block at this point without passing out. Love Keri. Love fresh laundry.
27th: Allergic reaction to new medication. Covered in painful, red itchy hives. Also cause of non-collagen lip swellings. Rushed to doctor while dressed in hoodie to avoid scaring small children. Told to stop all medication (including pain medication, and my damn side still hurts) and take new medication, something called MethylPREDNISolone which is basically horrifying hormone that can really fuck you up if youre not careful.
28th: Begin new medication. Not fucked up. Someone gave me a break! Hives begin to disappear. Children reappear in my neighborhood. Dad screams at Time Warner about his dying child until they come and install internet and cable. For first time I can talk to friends etc. Choose to sleep instead due to exhaustation.
29th: Nick comes by to cheer me up. Feeling very woozy with new medication, but still improving. I go to food store (yay!) but am in bed by 7:30 (still easily exhausted.)

Hows that for a horror story? And just in time for halloween.

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