Tuesday, October 05, 2004

middle east signs

kind of sad now. i know im sentimental but:

...prior to the Gulf War, there was no sign in the Arabic Sign Language for "scud missile". Within days after the start of the war, the Arab deaf community created such a sign and it is readily understood throughout the region today. -Robert Moulton, Ph.D.; Jean F. Andrews, Ph.D.; and Marshall Smith, Ph.D., in http://trident.mcs.kent.edu/~dhaher/book.html

thing is deaf people are by and large peace-loving people. sure, we sometimes get into arguments (usually of the type where "she said something about our friend who did this and do what") or we get drunk and have bar fights. but, you know, we like each other too much to fight for long. unless you're Ridor, and then you've got a grudge for life. but even then I think it's mostly drama.

so now an entire region of deaf people has to develop a war-based sign language... yeah, maybe it had to happen. still: sad.

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