Thursday, October 07, 2004

72nd street station

this is my 72nd post. so it made me think of 72nd street station, maybe one of my favorite areas in the city... might describe why another time. when i actually have time. for now, YANKEES RULE. char and i went to the slaughtered lamb (which is pretty much my favorite pub in new york - got proper food, good drinks, and weird shit to look at. plus: a fireplace) to watch the team beat the crap out of the twins. well, great game, they scared the shit out of me but as char said "never count the yanks out...." and they came through.
equally interesting were the fact that five or six drunken firemen came and were hovering round char... i THINK they thought i was her boyfriend... hehehe... sorry for losing you a big ol fireman, char!
on the way home i talked to a guy on the subway who turned out to be a rugby player who played with the gotham knights. i love rugby and admire the knights so this was pretty cool for me... mind you my favorite team will probably always be the king's cross steelers.


Ben said...

ugh, the yanks are the republicans of baseball :)

Anonymous said...

ben -- every now and then we need some indulgement of not having to root for the underdogs all the time, so that's mine! :-)