Tuesday, October 05, 2004

early morning

kind of a beautiful day out there.

still apartment hunting. sort of. we found this one apartment with an amazing landlord. and we want it. it's kind of refreshing to not have someone discriminating against you in ways big or small. this guy took it easy - you know how people can just sort of step slowly when they know they're not in their world? and if you do that you somehow manage to not hurt anyone because it's obvious you're taking it easy and waiting to see how things turn out? that was what this guy was like. he didn't seem to have any assumptions. he remarked he didn't know relay had been established and that he used to work with d/d children and it would have been great for them. he asked me if it was hard working as a deaf person. just a lot of intelligent questions you know?

unfortunately he seems easy going all over and i want to sign the fucking lease yesterday.

meanwhile, the republicans are still holding the cherry out from the broken pie and saying one cherry means everything's okay. Will the little 'tards never learn? the republicans have refined their technique: now they just say all the bad stuff first then put "we saved the world from Saddam the Useless" at the end and lo and behold! the sun comes out! ah, kiss my ass.

my friend's in the hospital with pneumonia. i think her lung's collapsed. i'm too worried to write much more. i wish i knew more stuff about healing. i barely know how to stop blinding headaches.

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