Wednesday, October 06, 2004

yep, you knew it was coming

more apologies, this time to just about everyone:

DICKY: And you will vote for me, cos I got C-O-N-V-I-C-T ooh baby! I-O-N! What you need, what you need... just a little bit of me... Ain't gonna back down, you can fact-check my ass, you can say I've run out of money and gas, but I beliiiiiiiieve...... I did it my way.

JOHNNY: Believe me, Cheney's gotta go... and it'll grieve me, cos I love war so... but we both know: your way has got to go -

CHENEY: Wish I could say the right words to make you understand; wish I could play the father, and ground you where you stand - we had to baaaaaaand together on Iraq!

JOHNNY: We were under your spell; I wish it wasn't true - why did we listen to you? You led Halliburton way too well; all the things you do - playing with our memory; nobody knows what's true - our soldiers go through hell: Dick, this ain't a game - There'll be nothing left to save - you made us belieeeeeeve -

DICKY: I had to play the father and lead you by the hand; I had to say the right words - you want me out, but my time just hasn't passed - how can you lead if you're not going to stand fast?

JOHNNY: I won't stand fast on lies; we need the truth. We won't get it from you - Wish I could trust that it was just this once but you have lied, lied, lied, lied way too much - We can't adjust to this disgust - So we do what we must; you're done and I just

DICKY and JOHNNY: Will do it my wayyyyyyyyyyyyy....

Did anyone else fall asleep during the televised debate?

interesting story: friend Mary, physics queen, notes that a conservative radio show was discussing who was "sexier" during the debate last night-her husband was listening, "spying" on the conservatives. when someone called in and asked them why they were wasting their time on something so frivolous and useless they said they were trying to decide the undecided voters... by convincing people that Cheney was fatherly and therefore sexy, when compared to young puppy Edwards.

frankly the idea of Cheney in spandex and leather has a certain appeal, but more for MAD magazine than serious voters. but maybe the republicans ran out of ideas. or - scarier - maybe they do think he's sexy. in which case all republicans are from planet Bizarre-o-matic.


Anonymous said...

the veep debate was more entertaining than the prez debate last week. they're upping one other, masters of distortion. after one hour, i've had enough and turned the tv off.

Anonymous said...

i told myself i was going to watch it. i did, really. but we watched a woody allen flick, and then played geeee-tar till i went to sleep. i dont feel the least bit guilty. that fake-bate is so scripted and controlled, i'm surprised anyone can glean any meaningful information from it.

merfz in da h00d said...

HEY! i'm not from bizarre-o-matic. oh, wait. i'm not republican. *duh*