Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Today's news roundup and more about Surdus

So today Bush promised to punish those who killed and tortured Iraqis. We're going to send a ton more soldiers over there. We have no money. Bush is asking for more money.

Me, I'm spending more time on my artwork and writing. If we survive the escalating attacks sure to result when the Iraqi citizens realize they've been screwed over again, I want to be able to leave a memento to the world. Seriously, like I said to my friend bree over the weekend, we bombed them for ten years, abandoned them when they went to war (those 300,000 mass graves?) killed 500,000 of their children (remember Madeleine Albright saying it was necessary?) destroyed their major cities, stole their art, destroyed their access to utilities, the safety of women to walk at night, now we're raping and beating them, and we're expecting them to "grow up?" Maybe Americans don't believe people of different colors should have rights, but dammit, at least try to pretend they're human beings long enough to guess what their reactions to being hurt, hurt, and hurt again are going to be.

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