Monday, May 17, 2004

hide it! hide it!

Stuff like this bothers me. Censorship sucks, man!

Seriously, we're really fucking our children over. It's part of childhood to be exposed to difficult shit and then learn, either by yourself, from your parents or your teachers, how to deal. That's how you grow up to be a responsible adult. That's life! You learn to criticize, analyze, and put things together - or you never do.

Why I think the right wing pushes censorship is because they don't want to be criticized or analyzed! I mean, you can teach children that pornography is wrong, and kids will believe it. Or you can teach them how to figure out what's wrong and right, and let them make their own decisions. But if you choose the second path, you have no power over your children anymore. They've taken steps to independence. Some parents don't like that. Some groups - like right-wingers - like it even less. Critical thinking has no place in the Gestapo.

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