Monday, May 17, 2004

ahhh, sun

feeling far more tanned today... skin's gone to a deeper olive. all due to the great weekend celebrating chimpy's graduation. to a tiny extent, i was celebrating my own; but to be frank im just thrilled to have chimpy back. she was starting to turn into stressed-out mega-freako. now she can just be mega-freako.

ive come to the conclusion that i'm finished with american politics. it's come to a really sorry pass when bad shit happens but we allow it to happen because someone has a lofty position. we're intelligent beings, but instead of allowing our intelligence and logic to point out problems and resolve them, we've decided to allow position and even birth to take control. why else do we excuse the actions of bush, etc? he sold YELLOWSTONE. i mean, hello? he SOLD YELLOWSTONE. and i don't even want to think what happened to alaska. iraq is just the latest in a series of truly awful decisions which bode nothing good for this country and we let it happen because, well, he's rich, white and president, born to a president. it's a return to monarchy, not a democracy any longer. i will just wait till we become a democracy again, and then i'll be political.

and to those who say i'm not realistic, we have to do things this way, blah, blah, BLAH - yeah, i know it's not realistic. so fucking what? nothing was realistic until someone made it real. the only tradition is invention. (thanks, rachel.) seriously though. remember that "security guard" thing? the only difference between that, and our political issues today, is that the President is set up as an honorable man worthy of respect and trust. but he's not. he's just a man. and a man who's doing a bad job, especially when thousands and millions of lives are at stake, should be fired. how long do we americans have to suffer joblessness, no health care, and poor education? our childrens and families and lovers away to fight the wars of the nobility? before we finally install a government that respects and cares for all of us? that has our needs ahead of their own? if this is such an unrealistic thing to want, i might as well kill myself now. but it isn't. we have the power to make it happen. the laws and basic structure we have are good; we just need to tweak it. every program has bugs, right? and politics is a program that needs to be continually re-assessed for bugs, because the hardware it runs is continually altering. simple.

re-reading my octavia butler books. she repeatedly states that the "human contradiction" is between our intelligence and our dependence on hierarchy. we'd rather trust in the system than in our own minds. but our minds made the system in the first place, consciously or unconsciously.

working more and more on stuff for chiromeme lately, which is exhausting. funny - my mother got on the website and explored. she came back with a thumbsup, but i was reeling in shock. bit of a collision of two worlds.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not sure about being called chimpy... but being a mega-freako rather than stressed-out mega-freako sounds like a lot more fun to me... I'm looking forward to that!