Wednesday, May 05, 2004

deaficult, haha

Nice analogy made to dad, here recaptured in its original glory:

Look, if we hire someone to guard our building, and our building gets robbed, we fire the guard. We don't say, Oh, poor guard, nobody could have expected that. His job is to protect the building. If he fails, he's out. Now, one of the jobs of the president is to protect the building that is our country. When September 11th went down he wasn't guarding us. We got plenty of evidence to show he made our situation worse. But he copped a pity plea and we said Oh, poor Bush, nobody could have imagined we'd be hurt. Hello? Terrorists have been making threats against us for decades. What's unusual about Bush isn't that he worked hard against terrorism. What's unusual is that an attack happened when he was president. His eyes weren't open, he was asleep at the wheel, he let us down, and he put through a brilliant ploy to turn his failure into glory. Instead of being the security guard who failed, who was fired, he became a flawed hero, and we all like a flawed hero. But the fact is he is a security guard, our building got robbed, and he's still there. And sooner or later another terrorist attack is going to happen, and the man who failed to protect us so dismally the first time is still going to be in office. Whatcha think? Is President Failure going to stop the next attack? Bets?

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