Friday, May 21, 2004

she liked it, she really liked it

So Chimpy enjoyed the shirt and more importantly the dinner party. Nice. phew.

I'm having a really cracked day. I mean I've done a lot of good work this week, which is totally ultra, but I've been alternately outraged, frustrated, or upset every day this week. It's really difficult to keep the engine going when it's running on overload all the time. I think I have a larger capacity than most, to be honest, but that just means I kinda go blooey all at once when I go blooey. And today I am so close to bloo, I'm green. (Bad Surdus. No puns! No puns!) At times like this one depends on one's friends to cheer one up, but today it seems all my friends are in Grumpy Bitch mode. So. No cheer.

One politically related thought: Interesting how it's okay for us to say the official American soldiers in Abu Ghraib don't represent America, but the terrorist who chopped off Nick Berg's head, in the uniform of his terrorist organization, is taken by the right wing to represent the Iraqi people.

One stupid thought: It's not the solders. It's Abu Ghraib. Seen the movie, The Shining? Like that. There's an evil spirit in the prison that reaches out and forces otherwise normal soldiers to torture people. I'm just waiting for reports of blood seeping out of the walls.

One funny thought: Why does Bush keep bombing STRAIGHT marriages when he's against GAY marriages? Someone give the man an explanation... unless maybe he thinks the women are men under all the veils.

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