Wednesday, May 12, 2004

hearing habits which annoy

How many Deafies have done this:
    Met a hearing person who
  • says they're interested in you
  • but you feel tired so you don't really want to
  • lipread or write stupid notes
  • or wait 20 minutes while they fingerspell M Y N A M E I S S T U P I D
  • but when you tell them no
  • they get all upset and say it's your fault because u discriminate against the hearing.

The fact is... communication is difficult sometimes. And we usually have to do all the work. And sometimes u just wanna have a drink and relax. Every time I have a relationship with a hearing person, unless they learn at least some sign language, I have to work to communicate all the time. Relationships should be about balance. Look at me, I can write, I can read lips, I can play parcheesi, I know morse fucking code, but poor hearies can only speak. I'm not sure why. Their brains hardwired to their mouths or something. I'm not bashing them exactly, it just bothers me that I can think of 50,000 ways to communicate and they get stuck on spitting.


Yes, there's a reason for this post. I was online and had a nice little chat with someone. They wanted to meet me. I said no, they asked why, and I decided to be honest. Waste of time. This person, Marcellito, attacked me saying I hated hearing people. I got defensive and said, look, it's not true. I'm just tired. I need a BREAK. When you have to face the challenge day after day sometimes it's good to take a break... sometimes you need it, just for the sanity.

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Ridor said...

That is true. I get tired of that, too. You're right that it seems to me that their brains are interwined with their "ears and mouths" to bark or elicit the sounds. I'm like, "There is more to life than hearing or speaking."