Tuesday, May 18, 2004

The Fundamental Thing

If even the tenth part of Perlstein’s article is true, it means our country has entered a time of moral and mortal peril. Democracy, and the “system of checks and balances” which we learned so much about in school, has been usurped by the concerted efforts of one group. One ideology has been implanted into members of each of our government’s branches, and they have a firm foothold on the ‘fourth,’ the Media.

I am not anti-Christian. I have many wonderful, moral Christian friends. I approve of many Christian values, and what I see as Christ’s real teachings (to help those in need, to preserve and serve life.) It is clear to me that the Apostolic Congress is not Christian, however. They are fundamentally insane. They are attempting to drive a world to war, precipitating thousands if not millions of deaths, to artificially create a religious experience. It's the ultimate union of religion with the industrial age. They are assuming they can force the appearance of Christ, as if he’s a computer icon waiting to be double-clicked. i.e.:

run: christ

Even I know religion doesn’t work that way.

What’s terrifying is how easy it is to accept the information in this article as true. We’ve known about Bush’s religious fervor for a long time. I’ve already mentioned ‘Blessed Cause,’ the anti-Islam crusaders; The Brits were confuzled; Blair seemed to have caught the drug of moral superiority (Thanks, Willow from Buffy.). Apparently there was even a TV series in the UK which analyzed the problem – I’m looking for links for that now.

After some thought, it's apparent that our current leaders pose an example of the major rationale for separation of Church and State. They were not saying that religion necessarily has no place in the state, or vice versa – witness the ridiculous emphasis on removing the Ten Commandments from statues, etc. - but because religion is an ideology shared by many people which can take precedence to the ideology of democracy, rendering any attempt to prevent unilateral control of our government impossible. And while Perlstein says the problem is that Bush is depending for ideology on people who care nothing for peace, I feel that this unilateral juggernaut is really fucking terrifying.

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