Sunday, April 02, 2006

too tired to sleep

Woke up at half past seven almost exactly (I remember it was 7:23; I'm friendly enough with Wal's vcr clock these days to know what numbers are there. I still need confirmation though.) Wal didn't want to wake up; he turned over and held me. I let him; who wouldn't?

We had to get up soon though; we had to head uptown to meet General Jen and the rest of the gang for the third day of filming. I'd left my camera at home so planned to rush up after setting up the scene (Jen made me set designer, which was fun and new, but more on that later.) And I did rush, but for another reason: the camera Jen'd reserved, wasn't there. She needed to borrow mine to work on the project. Which means: no filming for Joe. Boo-hoo!

I've got a few others to focus on now, so maybe it's time to do that instead. One of my big goals for the summer is to make a documentary trailing some of the stories of my father's life. If I can pin him down on it: initially taken by the concept, it wasn't long before eagerness went limp. Reality's like cold water on the testicles of the imagination, I suppose, and a camera can be cold, hard water.

The morning went smoothly, chinese for lunch, got to know Eddie a bit better than before. Drew a picture of sweet Ann-Rae as she printed parrots; got to speak more to another friend, Dan. Met quite a few people I really like today. And it's fascinating watching people act, although that part of my life? Over, and happily.

Home late, with Jen tempting me over for a short while to watch footage, and me walking back in the wide city night. I never really got the whole prohibition against deaf screaming, and the city was windy, so I cussed the wind out, and it cussed me back.

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