Monday, April 03, 2006

Monday morning coffee and craziness

Anyone have an interesting April Fools'? New York seemed so over it this year - but childish me is not (although I don't think I've ever gone as far as my roommate seems to have, in the past - ask her for a list of Things She's Done To Her Brother and it becomes apparent that Deaf people can do anything - to hearing people.)

But some people online have a weird sense of humor.

In more interesting Deaf news, Malaysian Deaf people have begun their own Deaf newspaper. This follows on the heels of my noting a couple weeks ago that Ugandan Deaf people are crying out for signed news on television. It's great to see voices rising all over the world trying to take control of their own media. Deaf media in the UK is successful. I always thought because they hired Deaf people to sign the news at night... so Deafies had a chance to get in on the media and learn the ropes. Then people like Ramon Woolfe use their experience to start companies. I spoke about this with my friend Typhoon yesterday - he stopped by (such a sweetie!) on a short visit. Erfo came over and made smoothies. Sparkly Spanker of course took the time to describe every incident of teasing she's put me through (why, oh why do I love strong independent women who tease and torture me?)

So - I will be at NYC DPHH this friday UNLESS I go to DC to visit Curly Sue (which I call her based on a photo I have of her with long and luxurious hair....) If I go to DC, are you DC deafies doing anything interesting this weekend? Would love to hang with more Deaf bloggers!

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