Tuesday, April 18, 2006

monday tuesday morning news and coffee roundup

Sick of hearing aids? I am. I had this cute design for a hearing aid which was basically a mold like we have now, but instead of going behind the ear the processor and microphone dangled in a cool spike, like an earring. Wonder what happened to it? If I find it I will post the sketch - I think Deaf people should take a little more hand in adding style to our usually disgusting "accessories." Pink wax molds just aren't enough, you know?

Anyways, the UK seems to be coming out with glasses that have hearing aids built in and cost around $3,500 USD. Ack!

Remember those folks from Malaysia? They seem to be continuing their work:
The deaf community in Sabah have finally got their own club. Located at the YMCA KK premises in Damai here, it was officially opened on Sunday by Youth and Sports Minister Datuk Masidi Manjun, who was represented by his assistant Jahid Jahim.

Masidi, in his speech, said the deaf possess the strength and capabilities and have a big task towards the development of many areas, including sports and various sectors, if only they are willing to use and share their talents.

In more personal news - I've been working with MICA on setting up the Sarah Marie Pack Writing award as part of a tribute to my dear and departed friend. She was a writer and we shared our writing in school together back in our MSSD days and this is one of the ways I am trying to ensure her memory lasts. CLICK FOR MORE INFORMATION. The deadline for entries right now is May 5th - do you know young people who could enter this contest? Pass it on! The award right now is $500 - that could help an aspiring college student buy a computer, books, or help pay for their tuition.
I'd also like to set up an account somewhere where I could show some of my short videos. Ridor spoke to me about youtube - anyone have suggestions for free video hosting?

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