Thursday, April 27, 2006

sometimes i just go poof

but I always come back.

wal's birthday quite a successful party, but very... active role in setting up etc. he looked so bloody happy. nice to see. many friends came, and one of the coolest things was seeing all our friends interacting interestingly with each other because many of the hearing people were just naturally very curious or perhaps drunk and once some ice was crushed everyone just sort of started talking in their own sort of combination. It was like many of the communication barriers were on vacation at the same time. chest-fluffing cool.

Other evening activities abound, resulting in increased length of absence.

Spent last night with my friend Guth, currently performing with Honi Harlow. The show was at Mo Pitkin's last night, but will be moving uptown later next month. Anyways, he asked if I could use my camera on him (god, that sounds so... nah, I'm not changing it. Tee hee.) Of course once I started I ended up shooting the whole thing.

Understand something. I'm obsessive when I shoot video. But... no tripod. So I was using hydraulic strength to hold the dam' camera up and steady for what turned out to be something like 42 minutes of footage... really, really cool footage. Because they were on last night.

And they knew it, and left a certain perfumed smugness in the air. I rushed home, to snuggle. I snuck a puck (which is a peek with only one i) and Guth and Sparky look cute. (I don't know. He just LOOKS like a Sparky sometimes.)

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