Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Transit Strike in NYC

Am in a cab with the Dominatrix Sparkly Spanker heading downtown. The streets in our area were deserted. Car service refused to take us downtown so we ended up finding a yellow cab at the GWBT. Took an hour or so to get to 96th then there was a checkpoint we had to go thru. Once past that no traffic and now speeding thru the 60's. Hope I get to Penn-need to get from there to the office. Though how anyone expects us to concentrate with all the excitement is beyond me.

Sorry no posts yesterday. I saw a couple interesting articles about the formation of a Deaf/hearing coalition in the middle east to discuss the formation of a pan-Arab sign language (which I thought was AMC-no offence to anyone. Anyone know more than me?) Will post link when i get to office.

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