Sunday, December 18, 2005

happi sundai

Not much to report on today. People still freaking out over Bush's insane statements and revelations. Much talk of impeachment or other form of punishment. Do I think anything will happen? No - but only because I don't want to be disappointed.

Deaf news today - again, not much. I saw this interesting bit about parents of Deaf children coming together in Hawaii to learn ASL with their children. I would LOVE to go to Hawaii to learn ASL with Deaf children right now. Still freezing in New York and many are concerned it'll get worse before it improves.

On a side note, Ridor is pointing out that there are still rumours stating Jane K. Fernandes, currently Provost at Gallaudet University, may be appointed to the position of President of the University. Ridor comments:

By itself, it does more harm than good to the welfare of Gallaudet Community. Dr. Fernandes has not set up a good relationship with faculty, staff, students and alumni. She created a lot of bitter resentments amongst the groups at Gallaudet. I heard the stories about how she has done to students, parents and staff at Hawai'i and in DC.

These are serious allegations - I appreciate his feelings, but I would suggest he back them up with facts. Too often Deaf people have serious concerns but they do not provide the proof to back them up. Even Ridor refers only to rumours in his post. He goes on to say that Gallaudet is important to everyone Deaf or hard of hearing. This is true. This is why I encourage him to find proof for his argument if there is one... yeah I guess I got courage to challenge Ridor!

I had my own experiences as an MSSD student with this individual and they were not pleasant. In hindsight, I realize I was not at fault in that incident, but at the time it was bewildering. I would be interested in seeing if others had similar experiences.


Ridor said...

I do not have to back up the facts. Everyone knew the facts.

What did she do to improve the communication access between the student body and the Department of Public Safety since the murders? Nada, zilch, zero, nothing!

She merely changed the names of the buildings and dedicated the room to Eric Plunkett whereas nobody are allowed to use the room at any time.

What's the point of that?

Her criticisms and plantantion mentality on the student body is a fact that everyone has witnessed from time to time.


Wildstarryskies said...


WE know that. However, the people who run things don't. You know that if we wish to remove those with that type of mentality, they are often there because of other people with the same kind of mentality. With a situation like that, the best thing to is find out the facts, every little detail, and show it to them. Then they can't argue and say that we are making it up.

We believe you Ridor, and we know you are right, but the people who run things don't have a clue. We have to show them.