Thursday, December 08, 2005

deaf people are insane

or so says Rimjob on Dailykos. He was posting about overweight people who say it's okay to be overweight and saying that that is insane. He then said that it's similar to Deaf people who choose not to get a cochlear implant:

I just don't get the "Fat Acceptance" people. It sort of reminds me of the segment of the Deaf community that objects to Cochlear Implants. There are norms to the Human condition. Should people be made fun of if they don't fit that norm? Absolutely not, but it's illogical to argue that a feature that is defective or unhealthy IS normal. Saying that there is nothing wrong with being 300 pounds or not being able to hear, is just distrubing to me. Hearing, and not having a coronary because of being grossly overweight are pretty standard.

We're used to this aren't we? Since most people can hear, then hearing must be normal and the best way to live. Just like being straight, white, male, and rich. I tried to explain, but Magatsu got there first:

Well, I just don't get the 'hearies' (term for hearing people) who'd prefer to pick being blind over being deaf. Hearing is soooooo overrated while sight isn't. and never will be.

What's the 'true' definition of normal exactly? Look, I didn't attack you or your perceptions but I'm here to share what some deafies would think of what you said. You know, some of my deaf friends who had these thoughts that hearies themselves are not normal. I mean, who started the wars? Hearies. Who created the atomic bombs? Hearies. Who caused these mass-murder activities? Hearies. The list is near limitless... so should I declare you or any hearies as 'not normal' because of your nearly limitless list of violent activities? Or should I say that hearies and their 'grossly' violent activities is pretty standard? I'm definitely not going to generalize the hearies because I know that there are many good hearies (example: Howard Zinn, John Perkins or, not all but many Kossacks & DU'ers) as many as 'bad' hearies (example: rightwing conservatives).

Again, I didn't attack you or anyone (especially hearies) or anyone's perceptions, I'm here to offer you some deafies' view of hearies. What you said about deaf people insulted me, my deaf relatives and deaf friends that which made me post this comment. What's wrong with freedom of choice? I can understand your opinion of obese and I agree with you in certain areas but deafies have the rights to tell anyone to fuck off (emphasized) about Cochlear Implants.

The argument continues. Read more from Magatsu and other people, including me, at the thread - and feel free to participate - here.

For what its worth this reminds me most of my friend Butterfly's statement. She'd been a med student at Duke University. She reported students asked if Deaf people can think. So: can you?


Wildstarryskies said...

No.. I think?


Ridor said...

That is hard thing to think, Joseph! Help me to think!