Wednesday, December 21, 2005

A Christmas Song (for freedom)

Wrote the original version of this as a rant on DailyKos. Then ended up changing it a little with some feedback. The final version is here. Christ, whose holiday we will celebrate this weekend, was the champion of the poor, of truth, of freedom - he threw out the moneylenders, the liars in the temple. And Representative John Conyers spit in his face the other day, claiming Americans should be glad they are alive and willing to sacrifice their freedoms. To this Senator Feinberg replied: I wanna quote someone to you who once said, give me liberty or give me death.

They say "Go die for liberty,"
but take our liberties away;
they let our sons and daughters die
but live to lie another day;
Now Liberty's a golden thing
as strong and glowing as the sun
to lie and tarnish Liberty
means all the terrorists have won.

Now Liberty's a shining torch
(Just see the Lady in the east
whose Flammifer is held up high
whose robes are floating like the Sea;)-
What light can come from secrecy?
What light can come from squalid lies;
When darkness comes from infamy
It means that Liberty may die.

I choose to die for Liberty
I choose my freedom, like the Sun
I choose the dawn that feeds the land -
That rises, foaming, burning blue;
To burn inside the arms of Truth
Saved by the cloak of Liberty
As she holds fire from the land -
Land of the true and fierce and free.

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