Wednesday, September 29, 2004

feud! feud!

tonight i'm gonna be in a kind of family feud game with ridor, cyn, and der sankt... as well as a couple of interpreters... against a hearing team. i don't wanna make this about deaf vs. hearing but it's going to be hard not to... especially when we win... hehehehe!

yesterday was terribly crappy. wallet got stolen (i got it back, minus the cash;) fights with a couple of important people over silly things. plus i got caught in hurricane jeanne's remnants... the rain was DEADLY last night.

still working on my third script; it's gonna be pretty damn good. where can i find a really strong deaf actress to carry off the main character, im not sure. she has to be in her late 20's and, well, my friend JP said she has to have experience cos it's a really complex part. see how it goes. and soon i'll try to write a comedy... god knows i have enough material from life...

meanwhile, you politicos, look at this and this. Ridor has an interesting post on his page about Bush's 'success' too. If nothing else, we should get rid of the PROVEN failure and see about this new guy, right?

one thing driving me fucking NUTS lately is the Bush admin's use of getting rid of Saddam as an excuse for the mess. Blair's been doing it too. "I am not going to apologize for getting rid of Saddam." Well, good and fine, but you know, if I make a cherry pie and you step on my cherry pie and totally fuck it up then bend over and pick one whole cherry out of the mess and say "see, I'm not going to apologize because I saved you a cherry!" i'm not exactly going to be happy, right? Saddam is Bush's cherry. But Saddam is only part of this whole big thing and it's not right for Bush to use one good result to justify 1,000 bad ones. Especially when the whole thing is death and death and death.

i had a discussion the other night with someone who believes killing all the arabs is the answer. i have arab in my ancestry, though i'm mostly italian. it's hard for me to understand such a feeling. yes, terrorists want to kill us, but if we let ourselves descend to the level where murder is just another option and not something to be approached with fear, they really have won. if some immature bastard punches me, i will defend myself, yeah. but im not going to punch innocent people because im terrified of ever getting punched again.

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merfz in da h00d said...

nice analogy. only saddam isn't a virgin....