Thursday, September 23, 2004

name change and assorted crap

Not gonna be colorrific like RT here but yeah, a name change. I'm getting tired of politics. It will keep popping back up here and there but the fact is it's all bullshit by bullshitters. Mind you I'd probably vote for John McCain ... or would have until he compromised himself by deciding to stand up for Bush in the RNC when he's been lambasting the texan since he first took office.

so why deaf in the city? mostly cos it looks nice, and because i want to talk a little bit about being a deaf person in a messy city. who says a title has to stay the same forever?

right now I'm apartment hunting. Have a friend looking with me and we're kind of enjoying getting to know each other - she just found out I read tarot and collect tarot decks; we both share an obsession with clean bathrooms and kitchens. but let me tell you it's effing disgusting, the way some of these people treat us when we call them using relay. almost as bad as the human resources people. "We don't take calls from relay people." "Agggh, this is frustrating, I'm going to hang up, call me back later." Yeah, some of it is crappy relay operators, but by and large it's just mainly people being idiots.

which makes me wonder what the point of deaf awareness week is. it's really just a big deaf party in new york. there's no political action, there's no outreach to other communities. my hearing friends are shocked. nobody in my office knew about it till i told them and i work with other deaf people! i wonder if schools study helen keller the way we study martin luther king in black awareness month? or is it african american now? i forget. when is someone going to call me a deaf american?

by the way, all of you should know that fahrenheit 9/11 is showing in the clearview theater this weekend and monday next week - schedule posted at deaf nyc news. I worked my butt off to get this movie subtitled and showing in new york, so i'd appreciate it if you bought a ticket - i'll be there monday, maybe both sunday and monday depending on my mood. i don't care if you're republican, democrat, or shish kebab - the point is this is a big thing and we finally can participate by watching and talking about it. dig? dig.

why do I use lowercase letters when I'm not talking about politics? next blog!


Anonymous said...


yeah it sucks. if i was hearing, i'd be a star in the field of study *sigh*

*raises a pint of carlsberg*

Wildstarryskies said...

schools DO talk about Helen Keller. But they wrap it up in "ooh, look how wonderful this girl is. she's deaf and blind and she still did those things!! WOW!!! Isn't it cool? Did you like the movie?"