Sunday, September 26, 2004

family matters

spent the weekend with my fam. it was pretty damn restful, except for the parts where we freaked over the hurricane (my sister's boy is in florida, his son, my other sister's down there too... couple cousins....) but frankly jeanne seems to be just a dream of a hurricane as it's sort of melting away. still on top of all the other damage down there it's got to be awful. any deafies out there evacuating who can tell their story? i wonder if it's tougher for deaf people to evacuate... or easier, since deaf people seem much more willing to let people hang out.

my sis and i discussed the election - she asked me if i thought it was wise to change presidents in the middle of a war. my response was pretty much threefold - one, this president believes the war is over. two, kerry isn't being dropped here with no idea of what's going on - he's been in the senate and he's outlined plans for how he wants to deal with this. three, bush has no international respect right now, and we need international respect if we're going to get what we want done in iraq. whatever that is. anyone see flaws in my reasoning? i mean, it is POSSIBLE bush is some kind of supa secret agent with all kinds of inside information and if kerry becomes president we lose a genius... um... no.

after all, he said this:

"We spent a lot of time talking about Africa, as we should. Africa is a nation that suffers from incredible disease."—GW Bush, Gothenburg, Sweden, June 14, 2001

yeah, lots of international support. shouldn't a president at least be competent geographically?

in other news, the ride home from the ferry was... interesting. lots of beautiful islanders - staten island people can be pretty goodlooking. meanwhile, trash everywhere. and i don't mean paper - i mean people. this girl started yelling at this guy about her baby (i think) and the police had to separate them. the guy was laughing and his girlfriend looked totally stoned. plus she was missing a tooth. everyone made a circle around them and the police took them away. more street theater i guess...


Anonymous said...

i don't know. nixon and lbj got stuck with vietnam war that ike and jfk initiated, nixon bungled it with greed, and lbj was the one with his pants down. he took the troops out thus losing the war. clinton 'continued' the desert storm with 'no fly' zone on iraq. if kerry becomes prez, what would kerry do with iraq? who knows. - kb

Joseph Rainmound said...

i think kerry will receive the blame for whatever happens in iraq which will be sad. he will have to fight out of a tight corner. if bush remains president and continues the policies he has, we will almost certainly lose, and we will probably be hurt again. his whole policy is about "the terrorists are in iraq" but everything we see says there are plenty of terrorists here too, right?

Anonymous said...

kerry's bit vague on what he would do with iraq. one thing for sure, he'd receive more support from the europeans than bush would.