Thursday, September 23, 2004

kwazy klowns!

tonight i enjoyed a little participation in one of the great traditions of new york: street theater.

for you nonyorkers, let me explain. NYC street theater comes in two varieties: intentional and unintentional. Unintentional is when KB for example (just for example!) walks over one of those grate things and a train goes by underneath, sending a huge wind upwards (for a change) and making her look like a perplexed marilyn monroe.

intentional street theater can be just as fun, plus it has clowns.

tonight i went to see circus amok which you can read about on their webpage. there is someone who interprets for them occasionally, but she wasn't there tonight; the show isn't really verbal though except for a total of maybe three minutes, and even then there's so much action it quite justifies the cost... which is zero. yes. this really fucking awesome circus, with these really fucking amazingly talented people, one of them my fucking gorgeous friend cypress (hi cypress!), can be seen for free. the schedule's on their webpage; apparently it's part of this large loosely scheduled series of performing groups which can be looked at here. And in my experience, since these are fringe groups, they actually give a shit about who watches their show, and if you call them as a deaf person and ask for an interpreter, they're FAR more likely to know what you're talking about. (That enough of the fuck word for you, rt?)

please take the time to go to this show. it's worth it. havent laughed so hard at a circus since i was 2. (as I told cypress' friend.)

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