Friday, October 13, 2006

UPDATE & DONATE: for the latest live blogging from the protest
I'm directing people to donate at GUFSSA please use donations to cover money for bail for the protestors!

seems over 75 arrested now. dailykos diary at


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Thank you for posting to DailyKos! The diary belongs on Dkos and here's why:

Please reply to the question from "Ernest T Bass" in your Dkos diary re: Is Gallly public or private?

Gallaudet is a public university funded by Congress. Gallaudet's budget is a line item in the Congressional budget.
IIRC, John Conyers sat on the Appropriations Committee in 1988 and lent his support to the students...after the first rally and march on the that time.

ILY from a Dkos lurker!
Many thanks for the overnight Live blogging! The WORLD was Watching!

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