Monday, October 16, 2006

366: Monday Morning news & tea roundup

My History of the Gallaudet Protest, Part One seems to have gone over VERY well. It was crossposted at DailyKos a democratic site to raise awareness. As a result many Democrats are contibuting to and getting involved with GUFSSA. Do you know what? Not ONE person said it was wrong of students to protest. One of the more interesting discussions (remember Harvard University President Summers insulted women at the University?:)
I still feel there was a great chance Fernandes could have nipped this in the bud back in May. People were not so convinced then. Now several months later, with injuries on both sides, both sides are running on pride and spit.

I wonder. What would happen if this was Harvard and 135 faculty and students were arrested because of protesting concerns about the administration? What would be different?

by joseph rainmound on Sun Oct 15, 2006 at 08:39:02 PM PDT
You know, at Harvard they didn't have to get to that point. They offed Summers' head as fast as the faculty could undermine him. Even after he offered a mea culpa.

by Prime Number on Sun Oct 15, 2006 at 08:56:45 PM PDT
That was clipped for space, but you can check out the whole discussion on DailyKos. We were on the TOP TEN diary list for several hours! I also want to post pictures and more pictures! Two great photographers. Also as of 8pm last night the latest news from protestors on the ground after letters from the administration last night. And more and more student governments and Deaf Studies depts. at colleges and universities around the country are showing support. However criticism still mounts that the University was shut down; opponents say that this has made Gallaudet students little more than thugs, despite the University's repeated refusal to consider or allow shared governance since 2000. Think of the American political problems: we have a system of checks and balances, which is currently out of order. As it is faculty and teachers at many - if not all - departments of Gallaudet have submitted votes of no confidence and other concerns.

Tea: Chamomile. (My friend mentioned going caffeine free. I felt guilty about being on my third cup of coffee, so I decided to cut down. 3rd day clean of 'ffeine!


Frank said...

Gally Protest Updates at:

Anonymous said...

Yes, you and Sandman have both been putting out very nice summaries/backgrounds to the protests.

One could only wish that the media reporters would actually do their homework and look this stuff up too!