Friday, October 06, 2006

355: Battle for the Campus?

Last night was a fight for the campus as I King Jordan celebrated his final, sad, defeated days as "President" of Gallaudet, a President afraid and indeed unable to talk to his own constituency, the students of Gallaudet. How did he celebrate? He tried to shut down the campus at 10PM - the deadline given to the BOT by students for responding to their concerns.

As Elisa Abenchuchan reports:
The student leaders explained that they were waiting to hear from the BOT about FSSA's request to have an outside agency investigate Gallaudet's system. And they had given the BOT a deadline: 10 PM.

By 9:45, everyone swarmed to GUKCC once again and waited for the BOT to come out, but they wouldn't. There were too many of the protestors around the doors. SBG President Noah Beckman asked to see the chair of the BOT to hand her a letter (will be posted up as soon as possible) stating that the deadline has passed and that the protest WILL continue. It took a long while, but Brenda B. finally came up and took the letter. She said, "We didn't have time to discuss your request, we will give you an answer tomorrow morning."

We have also gotten a special tip in the City that the students took over a locked-down University building, the HMB, in protest. Whether this is true about the HMB we do not currently know. (h/t, Erfo.)

Earl Mikell is another student trying to stay on top of this. And here's a great article about the protest from CampusProgress. I encourage students to read this.

And just a reminder: this is where students were a few months ago:

And more importantly: the viper's own words, 19 years ago, when they suited his needs:

When a University administration would rather party than deal with the fact that their University is in crisis, we have a problem.

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