Saturday, October 14, 2006

364: 135 Teachers, Students, Alumni Arrested at Gallaudet

I freaked out last night. I was sitting quietly with Wal and some friends chatting and went upstairs. Checked on a whim and saw they'd arrested three students. Reload: 8 students. I was crying by this time, hot pissed off tears which turned into kind of electric energy. Wal didn't get why I was so upset ("So 8 people get arrested? They have to expect that") but when I pointed out TEACHERS, ALUMNI, even members of the former Deaf President Now protest (How many times will Tim Rarus have to get arrested for change?) were taken - he started bringing me tea.

I blogged until my contacts fell out. Literally. And I kept going. My Diary on drew many, many readers, for which I am grateful, we need to get the word out. I passed out around 1 am, then went back to the computer, saw that Chris Corrigan had come back (did anyone else see him in their head running onto the campus?) and said "good, at least they're okay," and went back to sleep.

I'm going to try to work on two more important blogs today, then tonight 9/11 counselling.



ROCHESTER, NY (Oct. 13, 2006) – Canal Street Press ( announced today that it will donate $3 from every book sold to the Gallaudet FSSA (Faculty Staff Student Alumni) Coalition in support of the protest at Gallaudet University.

Canal Street Press was established by deaf journalist Tom Willard to publish deaf-related and photography books. The first two books are now available: A SORRY STICK OF A MAN, INDEED, a collection of Willard’s essays on deafness; and DEAF HAIKU, a creative work that explores a wide range of deaf-related topics.

Three dollars from every book sold will be transferred via PayPal to the FSSA account on a daily basis until a resolution of the current crisis is reached.

For more information, please visit


Anonymous said...

Should make the canalstreet a link -- I'll order some books.

--Deaf Gadfly

Anonymous said...

Please update your Dkos diary
see comment here (to your previous post):

Anonymous said...

Consider putting up another diary at DailyKos (have to wait until after 10PM?EST) You could link to your chronology of the protest/history et al. (see #c171) You might want to add a link to your previous--iirc, front paged!--diary (boosts your cred!) It looks like you have a variety of "Dearies" over there, including parents, codas, sodas, terps, and other D/deaf bloggers! They're sure to recommend it up. And, GUFSSA could use some Kossack "love";)

Fingers crossed for another diary of yours "bumped to FP!"
If you put one up tonight remember to pimp it in WYFP;>)

Anonymous said...

previous FP diary here?

Anonymous said...
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MM said...

Re your links to the BBC and Gallaudet, read below....

0 of 0 results for Gallaudet

There are no results for Gallaudet in the the BBC Audio & Video search. This is a new service and more content will be added in the future

So the BBC aint interested ...... not even in the 'tent city' in London.

Joseph Rainmound said...

the BBC actually sent their reporters for SeeHear to the protest and so did a Deaf tv programme in Ireland. So yes, there is interest. It's going to be slower because, well, it's not their country. Smile. (MM = Mike McConnell?)

Joseph Rainmound said...

go down to the bottom - they were covering this in June.