Thursday, July 27, 2006

326: thurs am coffee on the train

Reading a lot of talk about Deafhood in the blogosphere through Ridor's tunnel of gossip: awesome! Will be posting some links to cool websites soon.

Also working on a long blog about "It's All Gone Pete Tong," a movie which, for me, answers the question: "If you take away everything nonessential from Deafhood, take away everything but the most basic means of communication, what's left? What is pure Deafhood?"

Reading like crazy too. Just finished "The Great Deluge" which is still heavy on my mind. "Killing Time," by Caleb Carr, a great one IMHO. Just finished Terry Bisson's "The Pickup Artist;" this guy's famous for his "They're made of meat" story - funny as hell; I was first introduced to it by my Physics teacher in MSSD (compare that to what mainstream teachers are like with deaf kids.) Now in the middle of Neil Gaiman's "Anansi Boys," and next on the plate - and I have to run to the library today to restock - is Carr's "Italian Secretary," a sort of add-on to the Sherlock Holmes series.

Wal is away, so I keep my mind busy. We miss each other like hell, but he's not in control of his own transportation. Which brings me to ask... How many of you had luggage childhoods? What's a luggage childhood, you say? I mean a childhood where people didn't take too much trouble to communicate anything but the need-to-knows with you, so you would go around in the back seat with the family, never sure of where you were going or why you were going there... Finally around the age of 15 I started fighting grumpily, demanding to know where we were going and to be treated like a proper individual. (I'm good-natured, essentially, and go along with most things till I get perturbed, then I get a grumpy look and am impossible to move.)

What can I say about the news? Lebanon and Hizbollah is terrible no matter how you look at it. The difference I can see between conservative and liberal coverage? Liberals are horrified by the war and so condemn everyone but will always be concerned for what they see as underdog; conservatives want to pick sides, so they discuss the merits of the casus belli, and neither way is necessarily bad but both should be aware of what they're doing.

OK, enough for now. Must walk into office.

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grantlairdjr said...

"It's All Gone Pete Tong"

I watched it few days ago. Its interesting but it is not true story but it claimed it is true story. Whatever.