Sunday, July 16, 2006

322: rainmound cleaning

Scrubbed the bathroom today when I got back. Looks much whiter. I am happy. Someone mysteriously moved my bleach, so I had to go buy a new bottle: hurrah whitey scrubbedness!

Spent the weekend up in Greenwich, CT at the wedding of friends of the W.'s. It was gorgeous - the wedding was outdoors; we sat in makeshift pews of white folding chairs, under a huge lightning-struck tree. One great branch of three had been peeled off, leaving the inside of the third, a vein-like network of branches, visible to the human eye. A Celtic ribbon tied around their wrists, and the couple walked back into the great Edwardian-style mansion to the rear of the Episcopalian church, surrounded by a bouqet of white flowers.

A wedding party had been cunningly set behind the house: bars with servants producing wine and beer and cappucino; a short staircase down from the wooden patio onto a stone path which ended in a clearing filled with tables and chairs, under a great white canvas pavilion.

It was fun, and with the hotel I felt a bit spoiled really. And now a bit broke. But a nice few days away from the city, breathing.

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