Tuesday, March 28, 2006

tuesday night wine and cheese

Check out the cojones on terminal_boy:
He's been known to get drunk and attack people who haven't done anything to him. Invariably, this gets him in fights that he can't win.

He goes off on benders and no one can find him for days. Once, while he was on one of these, part of his house flooded and his family had to go stay with relatives. He hasn't bothered to clean up that part of the house yet. It has been seven months now.

When any of his friends question his choices he loudly declares that either they are "with him or against him" and calls them cowards. When someone in the family questions him, he tells them that they are ungrateful and obviously don't care as much about the family as he does.

Ironically, he's the first guy to stand up in church on Sunday. He sings the loudest, even as his breath stinks of booze.

Just had a fun night with Breenie catching up. Shared that I will finally be joining her in the world of aunt/unclehood! It was good to confide about experiences at work and just be funny and relax for ten minutes. Breen has the ability to make people feel at ease... easy on the eyes too, with her new eye-tools.

Also of interest today was my obsession with Hurricane Glenda, which you can read about at Dr. Jeff Masters' Blog; this monster Cat 5 hurricane is weakening now, but haven't there been quite a few of these around Australia lately? Yep, I'm a secret weatherundergrounder; these people are really intelligent and explain a lot of things. Not that it makes me feel safer with monster hypercanes rampaging around the world. But hey, I'm paranoid about everything else... *wink*

I have a vacation coming up. Yes, i finally decided to take a vacation. Trying to decide where to go: Vermont? DC? Florida? Stay home and not move from my bed for two weeks? Ahhhh, decisions...


EC said...

Joey! Come to DC! Stay with me!

Joseph Rainmound said...

Would actually love to. let me Discuss the Issues with The Boyfriend tomorrow night. He's out seeing some John Waters one-man show tonight. Page me.

Anonymous said...

I can't. My pager was stolen. Do you have P's e-mail? E-mail him or IM me. Do you have my e-mail address? It's my full name with a period between the first and last name at gmail dot com. *kisses*