Wednesday, March 22, 2006

tomato news!

My good friends Paula and Tomato got interviewed by the Guardian, a UK paper, in an unusually cool and positive article:

This is how Paula Garfield, artistic director of the London-based theatre company Deafinitely Theatre, felt when she was expecting her baby daughter, Molly. "When I was pregnant I did hope the baby would be deaf. Obviously, I would have loved a hearing baby equally, but inside, I really hoped she would be deaf like me."

For Garfield and her partner Tomato Lichy, an artist and writer, the diagnosis that Molly was profoundly deaf was a cause for joy rather than sadness. "When the doctor told us she was deaf I really wanted to smile, but I felt I shouldn't because the medical staff obviously thought deafness was a problem. Once we got home we celebrated though."

So, why? The answer, Lichy argues, lies in language. "Being deaf is not about being disabled, or medically incomplete - it's about being part of a linguistic minority. We're proud, not of the medical aspect of deafness, but of the language we use and the community we live in. We're delighted that that is something our daughter can share as she grows up."

What do you all think? I've known Tomato longer than Paula; we've gone on protests like this one together. Have seen her work through Deafinitely Theatre and it's very interesting.

And yes, I will approve comments now that Ridor has explained to bimbo-me how to do it :)

Tooth surgery went successfully - and my dentist signed! More on that later.


Jamie Berke said...

This is not new. A few years ago there was a controversial article in I think the Washington Post, about a deaf lesbian couple that deliberately conceived a deaf baby. The article got lots of comments at the time it was published.

Joseph Rainmound said...

Yep, Jamie, I remember them because they were friends of a friend. I was so inspired by their story I did a stupid drawing I may post on the next can find that article here. But we should still support deafies!

Incidentially if you click on the link about Tomato at the bottom of the post you can see he's been teaching Molly about advocacy!