Friday, March 24, 2006

all you need is, radio gaga!

And now I do what I never thought I would do.... *turns around, puts on black trenchcoat with matching floppy hat, gloves, etc, turns back* now we turn to RidorLive for our horror story of the week...
How nice is this?

In Bay Area, the radio stations, Wild 94.9 and 104.1 Hawk, has picked up the news about the death of Tara McAvoy and poked fun at Deaf people in general. They went on to say that they are interested to hear what we have to say then imitated the fake sounds and all that. It was very abrasive, rude and offensive.

I agree. The world is different now. We have blogs. We have Deaf blogs. Let us use our community for good. Counter their poop! Ridor tells us how:
If you wanted to get in touch with Wild 94.9, here is the number:

I highly suggest to call in and blast them to smithereens, 415 975 5555, but the person who made the comments at WiLD 94.9 was Rick Delgado. His direct number is (415) 538-5940.

As for 104.1 HAWK, here is the information:

Mailing address is: KHKK-FM, 1581 Cummins Dr #135
Modesto, CA 95358
Fax Nbr: 209 572 0540

Well, like always, hearing people will make fun of us. This is one of MANY reasons why Deaf people do not TRUST hearies at all. Friends, sure. But that close? To quote Clarkie would have said in the first place, “Seeya Later!” The truth is that they failed us on many things in life, why should we give them another chance after one?

Thank you, Ridor, for not subjecting us to another bo---ring lame-ass made-up story about life in Virginia with the chickens and the sheep and the cows, oh the cows... sorry! You know I love you! You know that, right? Right? Right?

P.S. I can name at least ONE hearing person who hasn't failed me yet... handsome silly devil that he is..

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