Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Tuesday Morning Tea & News Roundup

Having a good day so far. Worked late last night, woke up early this morning. Grabbed a minute with my laptop and a nearby wireless to bring you:

  • Washington, D.C.: Works by Deaf filmmakers wanted for film festival. Hmmm, I might be able to finish something by then...
  • Deaf People Cause Drama:
    Police are investigating after two deaf football fans complained they lip-read on television a Premiership star racially abusing another player.
    The fans claimed to have seen a Liverpool player use racist language against a Manchester United footballer at last month's Premiership match.
    I love it!
  • Gallaudet suffers series of robberies: From Bobby Cox, at Deaf DC (soon to be added to my blogroll):
    Gallaudet University is located on Florida Avenue in Northeast. When I first visited D.C. in 1997, an earnest young man described Gallaudet this way: "It's an Oreo! You have the mixed, predominantly black population around the University and a creamy mass of white, deaf people in the middle!"
    Yes, but 20 years ago we marched with Martin Luther King's banner. I appreciate the thought, but it might be more related to poverty than race, you know? I wonder about that, and about this article increasing racial tension where there need be none. Adam Stone also on Deaf DC had a commenter, Nick, report:
    The university had to change their approach by running a study, using their own money to buy properties for renovation to bring in businesses and to get people to move back in the city from the surburbs. The university used this approach to sell to prospective students by saying “You can be part of this civic engagement.”
    Exactly. Gally students could be part of the solution. I know some sororities and fraternities on campus have done community actions - maybe this is a call to follow their example. What do you think?

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Ridor said...

I disagreed. IN fact, the neighborhood is pretty much better than the past. Not only that, many organizations, and I repeated the word: MANY, are active in the community to improve the neighborhoods -- not only fraternities and sororities. Gallaudet has initiated a series of community actions in the last few years. IN fact, they heavily pushed for Metro station to open at Florida Ave and New York Ave. It was unfortunate that some deaf guys got robbed -- but with hundreds of deaf persons streaming in and out of the campus opn a daily basis, only 3 were reportedly robbed.

It is the case of making a mountain out of molehill.