Wednesday, February 22, 2006

News and Links Wednesday

Even if it's all bullshit, telling people you're really controversial eventually sinks in. Right, Ridor? Our boy got mentioned in the Argus Leader along with's Jamie Berke and Mike McConnell. Well done to our Deaf writers!

I'm kind of a little on hiatus as I connect with defBef. Going through a lot of personal shit these days; relationship and work and family... she's awesomely supportive. I think she should call zuercher PixieBoy though. He's so cute and delicate and small; when I'm in my macho phase I wanna dress in black and put on sunglasses and go all Bodyguard on him.

Working on a new screenplay and just finished the revisions to EB. We've decided to put it off till May; I just have too much going on, and the other principals involved are also too busy in March. Need to select a date soon then get going on that.

Still have yet to find warm weather in which to ride Le Bike.

In Other News: There have been a "mini-tribe" of three deaf families "discovered" in Saudi Arabia. (One wonders what the newspaper reporter thought - did the Deaf people not know they were there before the newspaper told them?) They apparently severely need help educating their families as their children are illiterate. But my - we're talking about 21 children by my count - there's no sign that these people use any sort of Signed language.
More language thoughts: The story of this family is sad, but not uncommon. Kid becomes deaf, family does whatever they can to save the child's hearing (in their minds: the child. remember that) but once the mechanical stuff is done, they don't have time to learn sign language. (from here it's speculation but not much.) Kid grows up. Becomes more estranged from family. Eventually points out all the mechanical shit they attached to him doesn't work. Takes it off. Becomes more estranged. They don't understand why he wants to spend all his time in the "deaf world" (it seems like a world for them, because they never bothered to walk in it.) Eventually parent and child know nothing about each other.
Yeah, it sucks that they have to work full-time. I'm not placing guilt on the family. But other countries have dealt with this by giving families work credits. We should advocate for that shit.
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OK, enough for now. Have a good Wednesday.

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