Thursday, February 23, 2006

Thursday morning news and coffee roundup

Tomorrow's payday. Thank you, Goddess! Joey needs a new pair of shoes. Have my eye on two Kenneth Coles I saw across the street. Ah, the pain of lusty shoe need.

Couldn't sleep, so: television. Watching more of the Winter Olympics this year than I have for like ages. Then switched channels to BBC-A; the BBC World News FINALLY has captioning! I'd given up checking, but I really like the way they present the news - it's a little slower, no opinions, just facts, sometimes a little "potential logical conclusion." Plus, british people.

Right now Iraq, unreported in the US, has become extremely violent. Sunni mosques have been bombed. America has been blamed. We've been focusing on the furor of having 8 American ports sold to the United Arab Emirates; both are extremely important, since the more the US supports Iran, the more the Iraqis are going to get upset.

There's also something about the largest robbery in the history of Great Britain - a potential 40 million quid! A gang raided a security depot. It's very 40's.

So I know you're waiting for Deaf news:
I guess any publicity is good publicity dept.: Hip Hop Anansi, run by one of my former dance teachers and a really awesome guy, Fred Beam, got a lukewarm review in the WaPo. Two things. First, in the byline, it says "by" twice - By by Celia Ward. So, Fred? Ignore these dipshits; they can't even use grammar check. The other thing? Seriously, any publicity is good, and the WaPo goes everywhere.

Church gets paid off: A while back we reported about the controversy over Riverside Deaf Church. Well, it seems they got what they wanted. I'm not a religious person, but church is replacing the Deaf club across America; Deaf churches popping up everywhere, and services will probably be localized around them.
Touching or... touching?: Utah School for the Deaf and Blind continues operating despite furor over allegations of abuse by a teacher named Shasky. None of these articles report whether the teacher is Deaf or hearing - does anyone know? Over 90% of abuse done to Deaf children is done by hearing people. However, if the teacher is Deaf, then why does she have to argue that she was using "Deaf-approved techniques?"

Link of the day: Michael Berube's blog. One of the smartest, coolest men I've ever read.


Anonymous said...

The teacher in this case, Jacqui Shasky considers herself either Deaf or Hard of Hearing.

Anonymous said...

The teacher, Jacqui Shasky is Hearing Impaired or Hard of Hearing but is not deaf. She is however fluent in sign language and has been taught the techniques for working with deaf children. I think you should also remember that she has not been found guilty so stop ASSuming that she is!