Monday, November 14, 2005

the funniest thing I've seen all day

Surfing to Crooks and Liars I found this quote from Atrios, which I'd somehow missed:

Bush, who appeared almost playful, fastened the heavy medal around Muhammad Ali's neck and whispered something in the heavyweight champion's ear. Then, as if to say "bring it on," the president put up his dukes in a mock challenge. Ali, 63, who has Parkinson's disease and moves slowly, looked the president in the eye -- and, finger to head, did the "crazy" twirl for a couple of seconds.

This was followed by the BESTEST picture:

How would you subtitle this picture, dear readers?

UPDATE: As Ridor has commented on the video from which this photo is taken, I thought it was fair to put up the direct link.


Ridor said...

"What? I Did Laura and She's Crazy!"

Deaf258 said...

"Are you Nucking Futs?!"