Monday, March 28, 2005

happy deaf jesus day: the weekend.

new jersey is possibly the most boring state. it's kind of this perfect balance btw cities and country and results in... null state. serious truebiz nullstate. nothing there to see, nothing there to do. trees been killed animals ran. people are kind of a cross between rocks and people.

my mother lives there terrified in a small house across the street from her mother. whenever i go to visit i propose going for a walk in the tongue of woods between cracktown and the garden state parkway. this time it only took me an hour to get my mother to stop shrieking about me getting eaten by wild dogs. strewth, i think she was mostly concerned about her poodle, who i was gonna walk with. once i dropped the leash, she dropped her objections. so whiz. not that im implying shes wrong. packs of wild labs and shit like that wander around terrified of people and Peugeots, and you never see a kid or dog alone out there. such is suburban america.

walked on the ridge of the tongue by the highway like i did when i was a kid. came out at wawa's, like i did when i was a kid. unlike child-me, i bought bananas instead of m*m-s. (screw traditional puncturation. right?) walking back managed to calm down and kept singing "the earth is my mother; her arms welcome me home." i wonder what it's like to be deaf, no car, no life, living in this godforsaken folded-armpit-skin of the world all the bloody time. i conclude i too would shriek about wild dogs.

the day before i came down i spent cleaning out my new office, running home, and joining the faes at d*n*d's for drumming circle. cypress was there, so happy joe! and in the middle of dancing and drumming (elizabeth was sitting, tranced out pounding with the best of them and Cypress was grazing by the snack table) guess who shows? Mikey, with his boyfriends, from Vermont. Course I'm all over him in a minute, which causes much comment about the font, but hey, he's Mikey. The guys are good too. I was pretty giddy and didn't have more than one beer, cos I was floating with happiness. later Cypress tells me people thought i was on crystal meth cos I was so happy. which kinda pissed me off, but also makes me kind of smile. home pretty blissful.

today it's raining sheets of water onto the ground, horizontally. little gasps inbtw so we can breathe. this is new york in spring... makes me think of the Schiavo fiasco. wonder if terri's body is dead yet. was she thinking, in there? fifteen years of being pulled and prodded by others. and a bunch of christian idiots sitting outside her hospice trying to break in with bottles of water. she's being fed and watered by a tube, guys. what are you going to do, choke her to death?

the earth is her mother, and will welcome her home.

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Liz said...

Aw, there you go, pissing on my homeland. This Jersey girl is not pleased! It's the land of teased hair, sandwashed jeans, gaudy gold chains, big hoop earrings, and trashiness. It has plenty of personality! There's lots of horse country too. We should go riding sometime.

Btw, I had a blast at the drumming circle! *smooch*