Thursday, January 06, 2005


why do aliens on science fiction programs always speak perfect English and can be lipread with clarity (unless mucus, etc gets in the way.) I mean for accuracy they'd be babbling and grunting and there would be subtitles or at least a voiceover, wouldn't there?


Anonymous said...

perhaps the aliens are more advanced that we're the ones who are babbling and grunting?


Wildstarryskies said...

for the same reason that deaf people always lipread perfectly and are able to read lips around corners, behind them, and in the dark-

it's convenient, and any hint of any struggle that there just might be would be just tooo traumatic for the american public. poor puppies.

Anonymous said...

unless, surdus, unless ... english is a required language for aliens. I mean, look, if aliens wanna make it in hollywood, then they better damn know how to speak english. it's like one of those english as a second language classes ... have you ever noticed that some of our ESL teachers seems a tad weird? there gotta be a connection somewhere ... (grin)