Monday, April 19, 2004


People keep making a huge deal about how the terrorists won the election in Spain. So, being a logical investigative journalist, I decided to see if a little Yahoo! could show me what opinion polls said before the Madrid bombings. And the percentage ranges from 75-85%. For example:

Polls in Spain Contradict PM's Support for Iraq War

All Things Considered audio

Feb. 8, 2003

Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar is one of President Bush's biggest European supporters in the war against Iraq. But polls show that three of four Spaniards oppose the war -- even if the United Nations backs military intervention.

And this was before the UN... disapproved of war. So, when you account for incremental increase in disapproval for the war due to UN disapproval and, well, people not liking family and friends going to foreign countries and killing people, you see opinion in Spain changed very little or not at all. This entire analysis took me two seconds to make. Yet people have spent hours haranguing the cowardly Spanish on Fox news?

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