Monday, April 12, 2004

lick it lonny

Bob Lonsberry wrote an op-ed called Fight Like Americans today. I find this article to be absolutely fucking insane. Is this guy eating psychotropic chemicals? We're "pussyfooting" in Iraq? Oh my god, don't even get me started. People are "whining" about wanting to be out of the country? And he mixes all this up with platitudes about how soldiers are boys?

Lonsberry doesn't think. We're not in Iraq to fight the Iraqis. We were there because we thought Saddam had weapons of mass destruction [er, someone said someone else thought...] Then we 'decided' we were there to get rid of Saddam. Now we're staying for the good of the Iraqi people, because everyone takes it as given that if we leave things will descend into chaos [like they're not there already.] Who, in all of this, is the enemy? I'm not doin the hokey thing and saying it's our fault. I mean, who is the enemy? First we were trying to save the Iraqi people, now it's our duty to kill all of them to prevent Americans from dying? And this he says is the best thing for Iraq? We put all our soldiers there, even call up the national guard, and he says it's not enough? He compares this to Vietnam, decrying our desire for positive world opinion, and doesn't realize that the world is watching-and has history books? Lonsberry would leave Iraq empty and devastated. Because unspoken in his essay is the assumption that all Iraqis are our enemy. Has to be, because it's just dumbass to talk about wiping out entire villages and expecting whoever's left to be anything other than vicious towards us.

Get this straight. There are no terrorists attacking us in Iraq, although there will be soon. They are normal people whose country has been invaded by people with access to really powerful technology and they are reacting in a typical invasee fashion and doing it secretively because they don't have the power to kick us out head on. If we failed to make allies of the Iraqis, as we have with everyone else, it's our own fucking fault. We captured this guy who was torturing them, right? Oh, but we bombed them for how many freaking years? I guarantee you every attack on an American soldier has a dead wife, husband, child, lover, brother, sister, friend behind it. You forget about that, and you can forget about winning this war, because any plans you make will be built on false information.

Lonsberry would call this whining. I call it facing reality. And how can you plan if you can't face reality? If you create lies to create the illusion that 'whining' isn't needed? This is the fundamental problem I have with the People In Charge right now.

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